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Rivendell is an independent co-op that was founded in Madison, Wisconsin in 1977. Located at 622 N. Henry Street, we are a short walk to campus, State Street, and the lake.

We are currently the residence of 11 people, with diverse interests, backgrounds, and occupations, who enjoy cooking, eating, laughing, discussing, and experiencing life together.  There are no age limits, though oftentimes many members are associated with one of Madison's institutions. Couples are welcome, as are non-US citizens, and those living traditional and non-traditional lifestyles.

Who owns it?
We do!

The people who live at Rivendell are members of the "Central Madison Housing Corporation" whose asset is "Rivendell Cooperative" which owns the house at 622 N. Henry Street. Hence, all the housemates hold and control the title, deed, and mortgage. What this means in practical terms is that there is no landlord. This also means that all house members are responsible for the house. If the toilet leaks, someone has to call a plumber! Rent money pays for maintenance, upkeep and purchases, someone must take the initiative to make things happen.


It is the mission of the Rivendell Housing Cooperative to build community, foster individual growth and provide not-for-profit, cooperative housing to low and moderate income, marginalized and/or diverse persons through cooperation, sustainable living and education.  We strive to be inclusive of the entire Madison community and of underrepresented and marginalized members of society including people of color, lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender people, persons with disabilities, parents raising children, students and international persons.

The Rivendell Housing Cooperative will foster equality in its provision of housing to the Madison community.  Accordingly, the cooperative does not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin/ancestry, sex, age, disability, arrest record, conviction record, religion, sexual orientation, domestic partnership, marital status, status as a student, political beliefs, physical appearance, familial status, or source of income.

contact rivendell: rivendell.coop@gmail.com